Top 27 Unique Girl Baby Names in Tamil

This website has very good collections of Girl Baby Names in Tamil which you can see below, there are about 40 names of Baby Girl. According to Alphabet, The list of names has been decorated with all the baby girl names and their meanings have also been given, so that you will know what the name means.

Girl Baby Name Meanings
Aswini Asvini
Bharani Parani
Krithika Karthigai
Rohini Rogini
Mrigashiras Mirugasirisham
Aardhra / Arudra Thiruvadhirai
Punarvasu Punarpoosam
Pushyami Poosam
Ashlesha Ayilyam
Magha / Makha Magam
Phalguni / Poorva Phalguni / Pubba Pooram
Phalguni / Uthraphalguni / Uttara Uthiram
Hastha Hastham
Chitra Chithirai
Swaathi Swathi
Vishaakha Visakam
Anuraadha Anusham
Jyeshta Kettai
Moola Moolam
Poorvashaada Pooradam
Uthrashaada Uthiradam
Shraavan Thiruvonam
Dhanishta Avittam
Shathabhisha Sathayam
P.Bhadra / Poorvabhadra Poorattathi
U.Bhadra / Uthrabhadra Uthirattathi
Revathi Revathi

Girl Baby Names in Tamil

Most Tamil people prefer to have Tamil people Baby Girl Names because the culture of Tamil people is such that Tamil people Baby Names look very beautiful and cute. Baby girl names in Urdu are almost the same because Urdu is born from Islamic, so the names of Tamil people girls are available here, which is unique Tamil people Baby Girl Names starting with A to Z.

Best Tamil Baby Girl Names

By the way, we have the names of all the children available but here we will only talk in detail on girl baby names. You can click on these links for other names.

How to select Tamil Baby Girl Names

You can select a name that you like and which means positive and which you like to speak, call, and name it for your baby's name.

Some Other Baby Name Link

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